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Setting Up a Workshop

The workshop portion is when a community, organization or business brings Barbara in, to host a wide range of teachings to help clients, members and those who are seeking help in all areas of self help and spiritual advancement.  There is no limits to how many people can attend the workshop, it is up to each community, organization or business.   The venue and set up is completed by the community, organization and business.

Barbara will provide a Trade for Services (a quote) with includes all costs associated with each workshop; mileage, food, accommodation, supplies, daily facilitation fees, helper fees, and all costs pertaining to the workshops.  Helpers’ fee’s is included when Barbara brings in a helper, to help with Traditional Healing Sessions or with help in a workshop with more than 7 participants.

Quotes are typically  standard government rates for the provinces or territories she is travelling to.  The gas rate per kilometer is at her own discretion due to the high costs of gasoline Canada wide. Barbara has a legitimate business, therefore the rates she uses is at her own discretion.


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