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Team Building


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2 Days

About the Workshop

The teachings shared will work in individuals response to their environment, how not to take things personal, being discerning and “what I allow in”.  It will also share teachings on how to correct the self, reflect back to self, how to create boundaries, how to assert and verbalize boundaries.   

There will be many activities on building self confidence, esteem and hands on activities.  There will be a range of teachings to help staff understand human behaviors and how to trace it back into history so they are ok, with just observing.  How to work as a team, how to build self trust, work with your own intuition and instincts.

Teachings will range from emotional balancing, breathing techniques, how to correct gossip withing self, how to divert gossip and keep employee’s safe from emotional trauma with the side effects of gossip.

Each staff member will learn what the ego is, how to tame their own ego and learn how to use it to create self motivation to help as team.  Group exercises, meditations and homework will be given out.  Homework is self help and writing exercises to help advance their own belief systems to be the healthiest, motivated and trusted employee.

Your Instructor



Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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