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Grieving to Moving Forward


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4 Days

About the Workshop

Many of us are not taught how to grieve, what the grieving process is, what to expect and how to help the self gently get through mourning, pain, sadness, deep waves of emotions, heaviness on the body and the cloudy mindset. Barbara uses her own life’s experiences with being a widow, the loss of her best friends and the loss of close family members, to help those understand and validate what each person is or has gone through. 

There is tremendous impact on the mind, body, spirit and emotions of each person who goes through loss.  The workshop will detail the cause, effects and reactions to grief on the whole being and how to help the self through the process.  It will help each person recognize grief on the body and how to help the self by using Traditional Knowledge for a gentle process of feeling a sense of a new normalcy once again.

There is a process going through old emotions, raw emotions, missing, regrets, what was planned in the future and flipping it to love, teachings and lessons left behind, these teachings will be shared.  Most people are not aware of the importance of expressing our true feelings in a safe place or when alone to have time to feel.  There is many tools, solutions, and teachings that will be shared in the workshop to help a person be at peace with where they are at and how to Move Forward in life with a sense of purpose once again. 

This workshop, includes sacred ceremonial teachings for the clients to use on their own time, to help them through the tremendous loss of a loved one and all loss in life.  The workshop leaves each person in a state of knowing what to do, this brining the self into a state of healing; healing is to be whole and knowing what to do to help self.

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Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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