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First Nations Cultural Sensitivity


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2 Days

About the Workshop

This workshop is aimed for organizations and businesses seeking cultural sensitivity when working with and understanding the First Nations in Canada.  This will aide in a clear understanding of the morals, history, standards, protocol, principles and cultural impacts. 

This is a workshop for people who already live in on Turtle Island and for those who are new to Turtle Island.  This workshop is to give each person a broader view of the historical impacts on behaviors today, to be more understanding, open and kind. 

The component to this workshop will teach each person their personal responsibility to healing their own life, how to reflect on their own reactions as a source of “this is where you need to heal and bring it to an understanding.” It will be a educational and healing space for all participants.

We will also share how people are easily influenced with the wrong information, hidden history, misinformation and how we can steer them back on the right track; that we are all human with hearts.  This workshop does not speak for all Tribes and Nations, it speaks to help a person heal themselves and see facts through new eyes for greater understanding. 

This workshop is not geared to blame or make a person feel like they have to fix familial historical impacts, it is just to teach them to be aware to self correct on their own time.   

Barbara will also teach the ‘basics’ of First Nations spirituality, the meaning, the scientific back up and how they can too adapt to teachings that boosts their spirit and mental health.

Your Instructor



Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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