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Touching the Surface

Energy Readings

Phone energy readings are available through appointment only.  This can be done by emailing Barbara or messaging her on Facebook.  Facebook Name: Barbara M. Moreau.

There is a financial trade for this service, the price range is $150 and up.  Donate what you feel the session is worth.

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What a Phone Energy Reading Helps with...

This is where Barbara will either sit with one client or have a phone call with one client and conduct an Energy Reading.  Barbara was specifically trained how to connect to a client on a spiritual basis which is an energetic connection.  This is done by reading what is going on with a person’s whole being; mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Also, messages shared by the clients guides/ancestors will come through. 

Everything that is shared is gentle, at the clients comfort level and what they are willing to bring up.  Barbara, her guides and your guides will speak on topics that the client brings up and what they are ready to hear.  So this is a very gentle process, up beat and fun.  Barbara expresses herself fully, She is real and loves to laugh.  She has a keen sense of humor and it will be easy to talk to her.

Barbara will also present messages from the clients guides or family members on the other side with solutions to help them out of a state of confusion to clarity and knowing what to do to help themselves.  It’s when we know what to do or when we are validated that helps bring a person to a state of clarity and moving forward in life.

All messages are to guide the client to the best possible outcome based on their own decisions and will aide in the client to feel lighter and easier to breathe.  Lots of Traditional Psychology, solutions, ceremonial knowledge and messages are shared to help the client in their life situation(s).  All information shared is completely confidential.


Side Note: it is normal to feel nervous, scared and fear will try to stop you and change your mind.  Old thought patterns will come up to say ‘this is bs’ or ‘she is fake’ or ‘don’t believe her’.  Good news is that is an indicator that you do need help and we will do our best to get you back to your natural state and knowing what to do. If it settles your heart, "I swear to express myself and I have gone through the ringer in life and have come up and out on top of my own life."

You can record the session if you choose to and take notes.  So bring paper and a pen, it will be uplifting.

Setting up a Session is Easy

  1. Contact Barbara Directly

  2. Set up a Date & Time

  3. Share contact number and information

  4. Pay when the appointment is scheduled

  5. Etransfer to 

  6. Barbara will call you for your session


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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