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All Helpers have their own procedure to govern their Traditional Practices.  Meaning each person will have their own unique way of asking for safety, protection and fair trade.  Each individual man or woman will have their own protocol.  Therefore, it is safe ok to ask "What is your Protocol?"

Typically protocol is

  1. Traditional Medicine

  2. Gift

  3. Donation  

It varies, so ask, each helper has their own set up

Traditional Medicines is for Safety

Traditional Medicine is always the FIRST GIFT YOU GIVE a helper.   Without Traditional Medicine, the helper can sometimes take on some of the person's ailments, sickness, spiritual attachments and spiritual attacks.   Traditional Medicine is "protection for the helpers whole being" so the helpers spirit is kept clean.

I have a ton of my own stories of going through stuff after protocol has not been followed in a Traditional Healing and One on One Session.  This is very important to for the longevity and health of ALL HELPERS.

Some Traditional Medicines are:

  • Tobacco

  • Sage

  • Sweetgrass

  • Rat Root

  • Diamond Willow Fungus (Ghost Smudge)

  • name a few

Tobacco is considered a Traditional Medicine and is used in ceremonies and what ever the helper chooses to use it for.  


Some Helpers will let you know their Gifts for the Other Side or for their use in Traditional Ceremony .  You can ask them what their gift is.  Some will ask for cloth, hide or be very specific in what they need.  

Again asking a helper for their own protocol is very important, don't assume, you must ask.  They are human too and will tell you what it is.  So be brave, ask and know you are honoring their spirit and their ancestors too. 

And if at anytime your feeling, guides or knowing tells you a helper needs "this item", you can gift it.  


What I am  sharing is a teaching, this is from years of observation of living with, working with, traveling with, learning from a Traditional Healer.  He was the highest level as a Helper and I had the pleasure of learning and now I will share what we witnessed.

Many times helpers are not allowed to ask for money, set a prices and can only say "this is a range" or "financial trade".  So many people have been trained that money is demonic, evil and your gifts are free so why should I pay.  It all depends on the persons belief systems they were taught.  This is not their fault, so it is important to respect people's beliefs and perceptions.  

I watched people come in, get help, leave $20 on the couch and not hand it to him.  Then speak about how they are going to a alcoholic event.  From my perspective, I was not impressed on how disrespectful people are and taking advantage of helpers.  This needs to stop.  That 20 didn't even cover gas, traditional medicines, help pay a bill or even buy food.  It was for two helpers who worked on them for one hour.

So I am asking people to be open to learn, be flexible and know that many helpers suffer financially because of this.  This is why I prefer to teach at workshops because I can get compensated as a facilitator.  If I stuck to Traditional Healing only, I would be homeless and that is a fact.  I don't live on reserve and don't come from a reserve.  My region stopped giving out free houses in the 90's.  

This is why I say on my FB posts, messages financial range of...this way people can choose what is best for them.  Many of our people are low income.  There are times, I tell people even if you bring me one stick of tobacco, we can help but I rarely share that because I have had people take total advantage of me. 


On the rare occasion when my guides tell me that person is broke, I will gift them with a session for tobacco only.  This only happens with my guides permission because they tell me if a person is not being honest.  I still help because I was asked, my guides said yes and it is their life lesson. If I took it personal, I take their life lesson and that is not my responsibility.  I have my own life to live with great pleasure.

Being gifted is like a doubled edged sword, yes you get to see and know amazing things, and then on the flip side their is the burn out and the spiritual attacks from dark spirits and jealous people.  It is no joke what we go through and it at times intends to kill a helper.  I have to be honest so people know that stuff happens before, during and after a session.  Helpers have to be trained to handle the spiritual world, the things the rest of humanity is shut down to. 

Thank you for reading up until this point.  I know when I seek help with a reader, energy worker or Traditional Healer or Ceremonial Holder.  My donation to them starts off at 150 and can go up even higher.  The trick is to ask yourself WHAT AM I WORTH because that is what you are giving.  If I had a thousand dollars I would give it because I know helpers can do what the western world cannot do, that is to bring in balance with the whole being (mind, body, spirit and emotions) where the body is happy and calm once again...true healing is to make whole.

So yes a financial trade or financial range...that is the easiest way to say it to be safe.  Bills have to be paid, gas is needed, food needs to be purchased, chords of wood needs to be picked up, rocks need to be picked up, medicines need to get picked, bales of hay need to be purchased, lodges need to be built, our children need help in college...and so on.  It goes out to help families it has a great impact on mental and emotional health when a helper knows they can help themselves.  

"Remember Creator Loves You"

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