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Group Energy Reading

This is an Evening with Your Guides, Barbara will channel the other side and tap into your family and ancestors on the Other Side.  This can be done in groups up to 20.  It is a three hour day or evening of fun, teachings, laughter and messages "you need to hear."

An Evening with Your Guides...

This can be set up with a group of friends, coworkers or families who are seeking to connect to their own guides and ancestors.  Each person will be read in a three-hour setting, each getting two messages that they “need” to hear to advance themselves. 


This does not mean you will hear what you want or hear from a specific family member, it means what comes through is what will help the individual.  That is how the Other Side works.  Barbara does not work with names yet she can describe who is talking to her.  Remember everyone has their own amazing and unique way of working with Good Spirits Only.

Each group will start off with Traditional Knowledge, Spiritual Teachings, How Spirit Works and How they too can access messages from their own family and ancestors on the other side.  Spiritual Safety is number one  when Barbara conducts work with the Other Side to ensure all that attend are completely safe, secure and solid.   There is no transfer of trauma, energy, spirits or sickness.  This is Barbara's number one rule is SPIRITUAL SAFETY for everyone in attendance. 

Teachings will be included for the first hour so each person has a clear understanding what to expect and how channeling works.  There will be a one hour read and the final hour will be open discussions for people to ask questions.   Barbara is open to all questions that pertain to your own life and will remind clients we do not read others, it is protocol to respect other people, to respect their spirit, respect their privacy and to work with the client directly (the one who is asking questions). 

All Barbara asks is those who attend are open to learn, put their own beliefs on the shelf until the end of the event, be discerning (take what you need and leave the rest) and smile lots. 

All information and messages shared is completely confidential. No recording due to the amount of people attending, privacy and respect is needed for those who are seeking help, wholeness and closure.

Financial Trade is 3000.

20 People MAX

*This allows for each person to get messages from their loved ones

1st Hour: Spiritual Teachings

2nd Hour:  Messages from Loved Ones

3rd Hour:  Questions from the Participants

How to Set Up...

  1. Contact Barbara Directly

  2. Set up a Date, Time and Venue

  3. Financial Trade is Paid up front

  4. Etransfer to 

  5. Barbara will come to you

  6. Barbara will bring a helper/witness to the events

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