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Spiritual Advancement


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2 days

About the Workshop

This workshop is for those who are needing help and guidance when dealing with, living with and being bothered spiritually.  This workshop will share ceremonies, teachings, how the spiritual world works behind the scenes and ways to keep us safe.

There are good spirits there to help us and when most of us wake up, we wake up in the darkness and have to make our way back to the light through self healing.  Some of us find many ways to get back to that state of “Spiritually Safe” through hard life learned lessons.  This workshop will soften the blow, provide validation and solutions to help the self.  You are not alone and we can guide you back to calmness.

This workshop is best for those who have been practicing, living and who are just waking up from a slumber and their spirit has put them through a 2 by 4 treatment (harsh lessons).  All teachings here will help each person to know they are more than ok, will have a greater understanding and will leave knowing what to do to help the self and family. 

Your Instructor



Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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