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Circle of Life & Prayer Ties


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1 or 2 Days

About the Workshop

Before making prayer ties, each person who attends requires a greater understanding of how the prayer ties are created, their meaning, the life cycle behind the teachings, the psychology behind each tie, the spiritual growth and connection to all life force and spiritual realms.  

Once that is achieved, then the last part of the day is making tobacco prayer ties, there are eight colors in all, each picked, cut and prepared for the sacred creation.  Once every participant finishes their prayer ties, there is a song done to awaken the ties.   The teachings and use of the ties are shared after they are created and woken up, how to hang them, how to use them in cleanse the self, how to work with them and how to handle them. 

This workshop can be added on to all other workshops listed, it is a very powerful ending and each person takes home spiritual safety knowledge and protection from a place of love.

This can be an add on at the end of another workshop (1 Day)

OR this can be a workshop on it's own (2 Days)

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Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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