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Standing in Your Light


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2 Days

About the Workshop

The spirit is what gives body heat, it is our truest state of being and many of us forgot how to access that powerhouse inside of self.  The workshop will share just how powerful we are as human beings, how to access your own spirit, how to work with your higher self, understand what the higher self is and how to create a stronger bond and clear communication with your own spiritual guides. 

There will be many teachings that will teach each person how to access knowledge and guidance from their spirit, how to tap into that superpower, how to boost your own spiritual energy, how to access that energy at full capacity for amazing prayers, intentions and how to use your voice as a healing tool.

The spirit houses all the emotions, life’s experiences and energy transferred in from all our bloodlines life’s experiences.  We carry in our blood the DNA of our ancestors and we carry on some of their burdens, this workshop will teach how to clear it out using Traditional Knowledge, so the gifts in the blood line can come flooding through and advance spiritual gifts on a whole new level. 

The teachings that will be shared is a self healing ceremony called Walking the Absolute Truth, how to set it up, prepare, walk it and come out of it on the other side, where the spirit is pure, white, clean and flowing with the love we were born with.  This workshop will share how the spiritual world affects the physical world and how the physical body affects the spiritual body. 

There are many hands on exercises, meditations and techniques shared in this workshop to enhance each persons own facilitated healing and expansion.    

Your Instructor



Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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