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Residential School Trauma Release


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4 Days

About the Workshop

This workshop covers topics from history, tracing behaviors to history, historical impacts on current behaviors, trauma in the blood line, memory cells, energy transfers, spiritual transfers, brainwashing tactics, coping mechanisms, brain mapping, how to correct the mind, processing emotions, going back to the land for healing and utilizing Mother Earths powers to help a person to heal.  The workshop teaches how to remap the brain from trauma.

Many times we deal with identity crisis and we will cover how to take your identity back, how to call your spirit back and all the pieces of you back, circle of life, shifting behaviors, awareness, catching the self and correcting self, rewriting your own beliefs, how our beliefs affect what we learn, how to open your mind to learn the old ways, how fear military tactics were used to control indigenous people to gain access to their land, family and children and how to take your power back in a healthy way. 

This is a passionate workshop that will teach each person just how our people were geniuses prior to contact and how to take their knowledge and intelligence back in full power.  This will aid in waking up the sleeping giant in each one of us, that is to wake up the spirit of each one of our people to who they really are and just how powerful we were and how we can bring it back.

Traditional Healing knowledge will be shared, how to reprogram the brain, how to clear out memory cells, how to process emotions, how to cleanse the spirit and remove all the programming put into us as children.  The teachings are simple and easy to use in everyday life.  This is a workshop that provides tons of knowledge, solutions, high energy, is motivational and leaves each person knowing what to do to help themselves.  And lots of humor, which is key to self healing.

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Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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