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Knowing Your Own Spirit


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2 Days

About the Workshop

This workshop will allow each person to know who they are, where they come from, how to identify their own identity and knowing the self inside and out (mind, body, spirit and emotions).  This will include how to connect to your own spirit, connecting to your Higher Power and Mother Earth, and how to boost your own spirit.

In life we are not necessarily taught how to work with our own spirit, so this one-of-a-kind workshop will help those seeking spiritual help to keep the self safe, secure, solid and knowing in who we are as powerful spiritual people in a bag of water.  Therefore, spiritual safety protocols and working with your own ancestors will he taught, with a clearer understanding of how spirit and energy works.

Hands on Teachings with self clearings, clearing body pain out, reading your own body and     how to help the self will be shared.  With unique teachings with safety measures, disconnection techniques, grounding techniques and how to help program the brain to work in alignment with your very own spirit.

Your Instructor



Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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