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Traditional Introduction

Born on an Island...Fun Too!

My Dene mother, Louisa Moreau (nee  Tsetso), raised me the old way, teaching me about the history, legends, and stories of the Norwegian, Tsetso, Cli & Moreau Family.  My mother and her siblings were the last of the family to be born in the bush, she took us to our true home, which was a community that no longer exits called Two Islands.  It does exist as a family camp and my mother, father and uncles took us back through out our lives to keep us connected to the land and our family roots.

My Mother raised me with the Women’s Moon Time Teachings, ceremonies and how to conduct myself as a Traditional Woman with roles and responsibilities.  My mother taught me traditional sewing, moose hide tanning, blanket making, beading, moose hair tufting and small craft projects.

My late father, John, was French and Cree, he was a very knowledgeable man who taught me to use vision, feelings and to use my own intuition.  He was a very gifted man and could see through people, see their intentions, he taught me to use facts only, be business like and to be up front.  Before he went home to the other side, I shared with him, what he called common sense was spiritual gifts.  

I use the best of both worlds and teachings from my first teachers in life, who are my parents. I have the great honor of holding all the bloodlines of my ancestors and do my best to represent them in a good way.

I have been travelling for the last 13 years from Ontario, to British Columbia to the Great White North, helping with many Indigenous people and First Nation Organizations across Canada.  Which has now extended into the United States.  I have been practicing Traditional Healing on my own since I was first introduced at 25 with my first Spiritual Teacher.  She still inspires me to this day to keep going.

I had the privilege and pleasure to work with two amazing Traditional Knowledge Keepers, Ceremonial Holders, and Helpers (one a Traditional Healer and a Shaman) who were amazing human beings.  They both bestowed all their knowledge to me before their passing.  My journey is to keep the teachings going and to share with all those who are willing to learn and be open to learn the ancient ways of all our people...

The teachings that are shared is very unique and complete, it works with all belief systems, race, gender and provides a wide range of knowledge to help each person with a greater understanding of and knowing what to do to help themselves through and out of trauma and all negative life's experiences. 


The teachings create leaders within and allows a person a greater understanding of how their whole being works in unity, how to access their own spirit, upgrade their brain, connect to their own ancestors, process emotions, how to use emotions to their own benefit and bring health back to themselves on a whole new level. 

The teachings, workshops and courses that are here, are specifically taught by myself, Barbara, with my gained knowledge, years of experience and working with thousands of clients.  I have now created my own path and fulfilling what my two teachers prepared me for.  I am taking it and sharing it openly and creating my own destiny in life with great pleasure of course…


I have mixed blood and with my understanding from my first Spiritual Teacher, it means I have many tribes, nations and ancestors walking with me, guiding me, helping me, keeping me safe and providing me with a wider world so many of us, if you have the blood, you have the gifts in your bloodline and you want it, you ask for it, earn it and activate it.  I come from a long line of Traditional Healers, Psychics, Mediums, Seers and I am the great granddaughter of the last Traditional Headsman of the Dene People from my community....he was the last the guide our people the with the old ways.  He wasn't elected, he got the title with ceremony and was approved by the other side.  For those who know, know.

Thank you for reading and getting to know me...


Training & Certificates

2004-2007 Trained with a Traditional Healer & Hypnotherapist, the late Dr. Andreanna Pierrot (Rose)

2007 Reiki Master Practitioner, Universal College of Reflexology (Practice Energy Healing)

2007 Reiki Master Teacher, Universal College of Reflexology (Teach Energy Healing)

2010-2016 Trained & worked with a Traditional Shaman, Workshop Facilitator, Sweat Lodge Holder & Ceremonial Holder, the late Frank J. Austin, Manyhorses

2021-2022 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotism Training Institution (7 Certificates in Total)

2010-Current Travelling & Sharing Ancient Knowledge & all that is on the website


Barbara's Teachings

Sharing Ancient Knowledge with Permission from the Other Side & The Ancestors





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