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Healthy Life Skills


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1 Day

About the Workshop

The workshop will help those in helping their own mind, body, spirit and emotions by utilizing the medicine wheel teachings and connecting back to Mother Earth. This is a perfect workshop for Youth to connect to themselves and back to the land.

The mind teachings will share how to manage thoughts, how the brain works and keeping the ego in check.

The Body teachings will share with participants the importance of treating the body as a sacred temple, how to work with it and what ailments show past trauma to be released.

The spiritual teachings will share how the spirit works, how to boost the spirit, work with your own spirit and connect to your own higher power and mother earth in daiily living.

The emotional teachings will cover what are emotions, how emotions are transferred, how to manage your own emotions, how to transform anger into something that will help you program your own future, healthy anger and identifying feelings.

With clarity on how the whole being works, this workshop will leave participants 'knowing what to do to help myself."

Each part of self has specific teachings on connecting back to the land and what I call Mother Earth. These are not written down and will be orally taught so particpants have a safe place to go when they need to have a healthy release and to feel comfortable in their body again.

Your Instructor

Lively & fun. Tells it like it is and provides a whole new perspective.

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