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Welcome Home Back to Your Heart

Many of us are seeking answers in our life, seeking Traditional Knowledge, answers to what happened, how it happened and why it happened.  Barbara has sought out answers her whole life and found it dead center her own heart...and she will show you how to get there..

All information shared by Barbara has been approved by her family Elders, her Spiritual Teachers and her own guides.  Barbara is open to share teachings that will help each person to grow, expand their mind, brings in understanding, provides solutions and understanding.  She has a huge sense of humor, loves to teach and shares with pure intentions.  

Barbara has decided that to be a helper, we are to be real, tell it like it is and be honest with our own self. Like many of us, she has gone through the ringer in life and has come out brighter with self help, coping skills, hands on learning and utilizing the Ancient Knowledge of First Nations people...

Like she always shares at her workshop opening, "I am human, wipe my own behind, don't walk on water and swear to express myself." She is honest, upfront and high energy.  She shares rare and unique teachings to help mankind...and to all those who are willing to learn about themselves, history and knowing what to do to be in your own light, power and motivational energy.

Workshop Facilitator
Healing Facilitator
Reiki Master Teacher

Gifted Psychic Medium

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Knowledge Keeper

Absolute Truth Speaker, Teacher & Helper

With 20+ years experience...and going strong

Barbara's Blog

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