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Picking A TRUSTED Helper

What I am sharing is a teaching, it is the Absolute Truth and is based on working with Traditional Healers, Shamans and many amazing gifted people.

Take what you need from this and leave the rest, if this does not fit you or your beliefs, you have the right to not read this or read this with an open mind to learn how to keep yourself safe with all helpers.

Helpers are people who work for the Other Side, Heaven, Creator, God, Jesus, and only good spirits who are from divine love, divine light, divine energy and who speak the Absolute Truth. They are all kinds of people who are here for a greater purpose to bring in the light from the Other Side and Creator (Heaven and God).

Helpers can be Traditional Healers, Energy Healers, Energy Workers, Light Warriors, Shamans, Ceremonial Holders and even front line workers such as councilors or therapists. It is anyone in the helping field to bring a person back to their natural state of a balanced being with the mind, body, spirit and emotion.

Anytime I seek help, I pray and ask "Creator bring me to the best helper, one who is from divine love, divine light, divine energy and who speaks the Absolute Truth, to guide me on the best path for me." I always ask for the best.

Today on a whim I went to a reader who was not healthy and had all the signs of being possessed by a dark spirit, which is basically a demon. There are telltale signs that I was taught and this is what I am sharing so people are safe when they choose who is going to help them spiritually.

You have every right to stop a reading, ask to leave and let it be. Don't ever be scared, just pray as they read, ask for the Absolute Truth to come out, for safety, security, solidness and to keep you safe.

Here are some of the signs to be aware of..

  1. If a person punishes you, uses throw backs or say things like "if you did this when I told you to, you would be more advanced by now."

  2. If a person gets mad at you, yells at you or gives you shit-they are not the one, don't bring them back and don't go to them. There is a difference in talking in facts only and being reactive.

  3. If a person uses sexuality, offers a service that includes sexuality or demands sexual exploitation. This is the NUMBER ONE REASON most of mankind is messed up is exposure to adult sexual teachings too soon and if a person is unhealed they will not have the ability to say no, tell them to back off and leave. THIS IS THE BIGGEST RED FLAG. Sexuality is sacred, private and is on your own damn time.

  4. If a person talks in riddles, parables and gives messages that are not clear and precise.

  5. If a person will not look at you and avoids all eye contact, the demon(s) inside a person cannot look at the light of a person who is good. Yes this is real, this is what the dogmatic belief systems took out of mankind- the spiritual world and spiritual teachings.

  6. If they are telling you things that are not accurate and are guessing.

  7. When they put their own issues on you, most times they are putting their truths on your path and creates separation.

  8. If a person expects you to automatically go "OOOOH, AHHHH" or grovel over them because they are so amazing, that is ego, that is a no no. Being a helper is having healthy humbleness. (not the kind to put self down, the kind knowing you are a good person and walk with Creator-aka healthy confidence.)

  9. If a person demands respect, who accuses you of not respecting them and loves being in a place of authority. They minimize the person they are reading and that is unsafe.

  10. If a person runs on ego (self defense), they are unhealed and need to heal themselves before helping anyone. Heal yourself first, that is the number one cardinal rule before reading, healing or touching anyone. You don't want to transfer your trauma into them

  11. When a person judges you, condemns you or convinces you that what you are doing is wrong.

  12. If you are not in a sacred space, it is not safe. Not everyone knows how to create one, put one up or program it.

  13. When a person has old dogmatic beliefs to put you in your place and assert their beliefs 'on' or 'in' to you.

  14. When a person has patriarchal beliefs and attempts to put women in their place, just so you know ALL HEALING IS FEMININE ENERGY.

  15. If a person latches on to you, is always in contact, over bearing in your healing journey.

  16. If a person uses fear, "if you do this...this will happen."

  17. When a person says "you have this, watch out for this illness, be careful of this or labels you." They are not qualified to do that, they are not a medical doctor, therapist or a psychiatrist

  18. If a person uses their titles, gifts and ceremonies they hold to put you in their place.

  19. If a person uses their accolades and education to put themselves above you to minimize you. The old way is every is equal, has equality and loved by Creator, no matter your walk in life or what you have gone through. Everything is forgivable.

  20. If a person uses how much longer they have been practicing, using their years of experience to put you in their place. Kids are born super gifted and know more than all of us, who are we to downgrade and put them down, we are to lift them up, support them, love them and guide them through this life so they make the best and healthiest choices. Remember that.

  21. Everyone can do cold readings, know the difference between a cold reading and a real reading.

  22. The person tells you what to do.

  23. When a client says thank you and the helper takes ALL the credit.

  24. There is ownership with clients, it, i.e., telling them not to go to a person, or to speak illy of another to keep them away, to throw shade on other healers.

  25. There is ownership and they get pissed off that you seen someone else, when they were not available.


  1. FOLLOW YOUR GUT, This will let you know if the person is safe and if you can trust them. Say their full name out loud and if your gut feels smooth, they are safe. If your gut clenches, find another, that is your spirit warning you.

  2. Word of mouth, most people will tell you about their reading, healing session or service they were provided. Follow the moccasin trail to the good ones. People are honest afterwards, listen to them and go to the ones who FEEL SAFE and come with a good review.

  3. A person provides you with suggestions or solutions to help you through tough decisions, life's experiences

  4. A person who gives you a greater understanding as to why things happen

  5. A person who lets you know to be discerning and you can take what works and leave the rest.

  6. A person who is kind, respectful, loving, humorous and solution based

  7. They have clear and set boundaries when it comes to sexuality. There are strict rules for this.

  8. If humor comes up, it is clear that it is humor only and no doors are open.

  9. If a reader is hit on, they are let down with great respect and told how they walk (i.e. I walk alone, I am married, I am connected to a person and I am loyal to them and I don't date clients)

  10. Messages are clear, concise and to the point. Some come with humor to lighten the load on the listener. Solutions and suggestions are clear so the client knows what to do to help the self.

  11. Their is healthy eye contact, where a helper will look at the whites of the eyes, or around the eyes. There is no direct eye contact in most cases due to belief systems.

  12. If a couple comes in, the woman is always number one priority, she is the boss and it shows respect to her.

  13. The reader will keep track of their own triggers, put it on the self and heal it on their own time. They do not show or let the client know that they have had a trigger. The focus is on the client and their spiritual safety.

  14. Readers KNOW the mind and spirit is the MOST DELICATE part of the human being and it must be treated as such. You have to be dead on and ensure you know how to guide them through their healing while in your presence and what to do with after care.

  15. Spiritual safety is in place, the helper and client are to be in a sacred space to keep out dark spirits, entities, demons and human spiritual attachments. In that space a helper is to know how to transform, block, heal, release and guide all energy and spirits up and out so everyone is safe.

  16. When a person is open TO ALL BELIEF SYSTEMS, this means they are unconditional and will work with you and not try to switch you. You are accepted and loved when they work with who you are what what you believe.

  17. When the person has talked about forgiving all males and females who have hurt them so they can heal, that is a good sign. They no longer harbor resentment or hate, they understand why, how and have released it from their whole being.

  18. When a person openly admits how they have shifted old beliefs so they can be happy, free and calm in their own body. This shows they are open to learn and are continually working on themselves. Its a good sign.

  19. Once you are done with a client, you are done. There is no contact to respect their time, life and the doors are left open to them, that if they ever need help they can come back. That is it. It is always their own free will.

  20. There is no ownership, and when a client asks can I go see this person all you do is say follow your gut and if it feels right it is your own choice to go.

  21. Helpers speak of human behaviors without putting a person down, if they choose to speak of their own life experience it is to understand what happened, why it happened, speak of the underlying issues and use it all to reflect on themselves. i.e., if I see it in them, it is in me, I have to heal that part of myself. That is why everyone is our teacher, they show us what we have to heal in ourselves.

  22. There is storytelling, solutions, suggestions, teachings, ceremonies and understandings provided, so see the bigger picture and to see it through another perspective, so each client can expand their mind and clarity-from a place of loving kindness.

  23. Labels are avoided and you are taught how to remove labels that were put on to you. There will be reference to psychological labelling to give you an idea of what to research so you have a clearer understanding. Not to label anyone, just to know you are safe now and good job, you are not in it anymore.

  24. Helpers are to help a person feel happy, comfortable and lighter when the session is done. That is a good indicator they are a good helper. Remember that.

  25. Everyone is equal, has equality and is treated fair and like a good friend.

  26. The helper gives you "suggestions only" because they know if they tell a client what to do, the client will put all responsibility on the helper and blame them when it does not work out. Our job is to guide a person to make their own choices, we can only suggest and let them know the power and decision is their own.

  27. A person who is connected WILL TELL YOU STUFF NO ONE ELSE WILL KNOW-that is how you know they are accurate

  28. When a client says thank you-and the helper says "Thank Creator" or "Thank God" or "Thank the Other Side"-that is when YOU KNOW THEY ARE ACCURATE. Helpers do not work alone, helpers give credit where credit is due. Once it is given than you can thank them directly.

  29. A helper will not put down another helper because they understand the spiritual consequences of STARTING A SPIRITUAL ATTACK. All gifted people who put others down, will start a spiritual attack because of the strength of their gift(s). So self correcting, paying attention to your own thoughts, speak in a good way and if you have issues with another helper, you have some healing to do inside of yourself. Because all the shit talk and shitty things you see about them, that is what is really in you, heal yourself.

  30. Helpers know to ask for protection and to filter themselves when they speak on what they witnessed first hand or speak of first hand life's experiences. This way no one gets attacked and it is a TEACHING ONLY.

Choose wisely, be safe and always follow your own gut. Creator will always guide you to the best just have to ask.

And yes this is from all my past experiences and being taught by the best spiritual teachers. It was all good lessons, teachings and we all need to know how to decipher helpers and be safe now...sharing with gratitude. Creator love us all!!

Made with unconditional love, peace, unity and as a teaching,

Barbara M. Moreau

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