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Walking with A Helper...It's a Lonely Road

Walking is a relationship with a Helper. A helper is anyone who is born gifted or who has gifts through the Other Side. A relationship can be family, friend, lover, life partner, husband/wife and when two people are connected or it's the state of being connected.

When I first met, learned from and was spiritually adopted by Andreanna, she told me I was going to be her last student. Little did I know that meant before she went home to the other side. She was very firm in the teachings she shared and said the old way is very strict.

She was the first to explain to me that the spirit world was made up of good spirits and dark spirits. She explained to me what possession removals were and was teaching me how to see energy and pull it out of the person to bring health back. She was the first to explain to me the importance to protecting the home, the office and the self spiritually from a place of facts only and love.

When I met Manyhorses he had the same teachings and it was like listening to Andreanna all over again. He shared the same teachings, you have to be special, willing to be aware, correct your behaviors, be open to learn because once you start learning from a gifted person, the dark ones will come at you full force because they are losing their grip on you.

When you are unaware, the dark spirits who "had" you in their control through your own free will to do unhealthy behaviors will now get pissed bc you are awake now. They will play with your mind, play with your relationship, play with your confidence, play with your intelligence, put a whole shit load of blocks in front of you especially when you have decided to heal. How do you know you met the right healer? BLOCKS & BLOCKS & BLOCKS. The dark one will make sure they get people to interfere and lie about the healer you are about to work with, learn from or befriend. So be very wary, take it as free advertising for that healer. Then find out for your self by getting to know that person being talked about, you will see and feel for yourself who is real and who is not. This happens when you are seeing a healer for help...

If you are even remotely attracted to a healer, want to pursue a relationship with a healer or are in a relationship with a healer, holy shit you have to be spiritually strong, be open to learn on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY THAT IS NOT WRITTEN DOWN, know what is coming and be damn prepared for it. It is worse than getting help, it is a whole new level of attacks and it won't stop until you talk to the healer and say this is what is going on with my mind, body, spirit, emotions, what I am hearing, what people are telling me and what I am picking up with my own gifts. If you don't you will not make it with any kind of relationship with a healer. The dark one will use EVERY RESOURCE TO STOP THE CONNECTION, even send your friends, acquaintances, and strangers to keep you away.

If you are just getting to know a healer and are persuing a romantic connection, the dark ones will send the most beautiful men and women to you while you are connected to them. They will send you EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED. If no one ever looked at you before and once you are connected to a healer, NOW EVERYONE will be looking at you. The dark one uses their network of possessed people to go after you, they know what you deeply desire and will send it all to you. One man I was getting to know, was on a dating app, he went from very few likes to over 99+ in less than one week. I warned him and he saw it happen. I am unconditional, so it did not bother me because we were just getting to know one another.

Even when I was with Manyhorses and we talked about being together, he warned me and he was absolutely right, I had random men and women hit on me, even in front of him. I saw the same for him, where women would wear skirts so short they showed their sacred parts to draw him in, he would just say Barb, your sister needs a blanket and cover her. That happened a few times. I had a man stroke the side of his leg, look at me right in the eye and watched to see if I would react, I stayed solid, he did that in front of Manyhorses. So you have to be totally ok with your own sexuality, other people's sexuality and be understanding that people have their own sexual wants, needs and desires and what they show you has nothing to do with you, it is their OWN UNRESOLVED TRAUMA. Don't take it personal, because then you lose the teaching.

You can warn all you want, prepare a person and if they are not strong enough, not willing to let go of old behaviors, are weak in the sexual department, they will not make it through, they will remove themselves...which keeps the healer safe, hurt and yet safe. Healers know how to heal that hurt and grieve the loss quickly.

So many times, people will not make it through, even as a student, potential partner or lover. That is ok, so the healer always knows they will walk alone in this physical world until they meet their true gift and energetic match. It takes many years and sometimes life times. And as much as they walk alone...they know they have ALL THEIR GUIDES & ANCESTORS with them...they are truly never alone.

I get it why Manyhorses walked alone when working the spiritual path and why many guru's live a celibate life, people are too unpredictable and it is about keeping self safe....spiritually safe


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